Worth the Fight

Worth the Fight - Vi Keeland Not my favorite, but not bad either. I really liked the story, and though cliche, I did fall for Nico. Elle was alright, not all that I would have liked, but I did understand where she was coming from and how she felt through most of the book. The sex was boring, but described their relationship more, with him being always the gentleman.

I could live without some of the language, I know 'bad-boys' and more so fighters talk like that, but it got old quick. I can live with it if someone just insulted your girl, or something similar, but it was way over used.

My favorite part was at the end. Not the fight, but how Elle handled Nico's struggles and how Nico thanked her.

All in all an OK book, not my favorite, and had plenty of room for improvement, but a good start.