Song of Smoke and Fire (Song of Dragonfire #1)

Song of Smoke and Fire (Song of Dragonfire #1) - Megan Linski *I received an ARC from the author as part of a giveaway. This does not affect my review in any way.*

I...Where to start? I had mixed feelings while reading this one. I don't know, having read some of Linski's other works, I feel this could have been an easy 5-star read. That said, this was more in the 3-star range through the first half. The ending was my favorite part, and when we found out about Smok's past

. The events and actions leading up to the end came together smoothly and were interesting, but I felt something was missing. I'm not sure why I felt this way since I liked Smok and while Fliss wasn't my favorite, she was an enjoyable character. One character I didn't like throughout the story was the king. From the beginning, his personality grated on me, and only got worse as the story went on, though as he isn't the hero, I was able to overlook this until the feast scene.

As I mentioned, the last scene, or battle, was my favorite. This was also the main reason I give this story 4 stars instead of the 3 I felt the first part of the book deserved. I also enjoyed Smok enough to redeem the read of the story and liked seeing him grow emotionally throughout the story.