Runemarks  - Joanne Harris, Sile Bermingham So, so, so good! I have always been big on Norse mythology, but have never really read many books about it. When I found this series, I couldn't wait to get started. I was hesitant at first, since my library only had it on audiobook, but now I'm SO glad it ended up that way! This is the first audiobook I finished, and it was much better than the first one I tried! I loved the narrator's voice, and she did an amazing job with the characters and I could easily picture the character's faces based on the emotion in her voice!

This book was so fun to read (well listen to) that it is now one of my top favorites, AND on my must-buy list! I'm also hoping to pick up Runelight and the Gospel of Loki soon, since neither are at my library.

I loved the characters and while retellings, especially of mythology, have been done before, I enjoyed this one, and have yet to read another like it! This is now to me what Percy Jackson was when it first came out! (Which I am also going to try on audiobook!)