Kingdom of the Lizards

Kingdom of the Lizards - Katrina Kusa What a beautiful story! When I started this book, I just thought it was about a girl who liked animals. Which it is, but it is so much more! This is a story about a little girl named Clara who enjoyed going to a special garden and reading to the lizards there. Then at her parent's candy shop, we meet another child, one much different from the well-mannered Clara. Daniel is selfish and spoiled, demanding all the candy he can eat. We soon learn this his spoiled behavior also included capturing lizards to keep as this playthings. When he captures one of Clara's friends, the whole town much pitch in to help out! But only Clara knows that the lizard is a very special lizard!

While I was told that Katrina Kusa was only 12 when she wrote this story, from reading it, I would not have guessed! Such a well told and interesting story! She did such a great job, and I loved reading this story. The art is also well done, and I love how it has an almost fairytale feel to it, that fits the story perfectly!

*I received a copy from the author for review. This in no way affects my review.*